Hoi an to hanoi by flight, train from thb 776

Know before you goSleeping buses are a comtháng option to lớn choose when travelling between Hoi An to lớn Hanoi. It’s a long journey but luckily one that departs in the evening, so it’s a great way lớn replace overnight accommodations. There’s a bathroom on board and the bus makes stops, nonetheless.

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About the ride from Hoi An lớn Hanoi

A route which takes you between perhaps the two most exciting and interesting cities in the entirety of Vietphái mạnh, traveling from Hoi An khổng lồ Hanoi allows you to experience two very contrasting sides of Vietnamese thành phố life.

While Hoi An is laid-baông xã & laconic, with an endearingly slow pace, Hanoi is the polar opposite. A city full of tooting scooters, endless traffic and perpetual chaos và craziness, it’s the complete antithesis of Hoi An.

If you travel directly from Hoi An khổng lồ Hanoi, you can see the vast differences for yourself, và treat yourself to enjoying two very different - but equally appealing - Vietnamese cities.

The direct journey from Hoi An to Hanoi is very popular, with hundreds of tourists making the trip every single day. Popular with families, couples & budget backpackers alike, the trip takes you between two of the most popular locations on the nation’s tourist trail.

If you want lớn take the 800km (497 mile) journey from Hoi An to lớn Hanoi, an overnight bus is your only option. But although it’s your only option, there are several companies who service the journey, leaving you with lots of options for getting from Hoi An khổng lồ Hanoi.

All journeys from Hoi An lớn Hanoi leave sầu in the early afternoon & arrive in the early morning, leaving you with a full day lớn explore Hanoi’s frenetic and frantic atmosphere. It’s the perfect way lớn arrive in the nation’s capital - you’ll be rested, recuperated và ready to lớn enjoy one of the most exciting destinations in the whole of Southeast Asia.

Because there’s only one way lớn take the trip from Hoi An to lớn Hanoi, you don’t have to spover time choosing between transport options. Instead, you simply hop on a bus & get on your way!

What to lớn see when traveling from Hoi An lớn Hanoi

For the first part of your journey, you’ll be leaving Hoi An behind on your way towards one of the planet’s busiest and most bustling cities. Before you reach Hanoi, your journey is largely made up of well-maintained highways: this trip isn’t hampered by the pothole-ravaged barely-roads which service many other journeys throughout Southeast Asia.

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Though the journey from Hoi An to lớn Hanoi is along fast-moving highways, some of the views are relatively attractive, with the nation’s shores lớn your east and its mountainous peaks lớn your west. During some stretches, you’ll drive very cthua trận lớn the South Trung Quốc Sea, which hugs Vietnam’s eastern shore.

An important consideration here: many travelers hope that the bus from Hoi An khổng lồ Hanoi will ride along the Hai Van Pass. But that’s not the case. Instead, buses to lớn Hanoi from Hoi An take the quicker, easier & more accessible tunnel route.

But don’t despair: if you want to visit the Hai Van Pass, it’s very easy lớn visit as a day trip from Hoi An. Not only is it simple & affordable, but for many travelers it’s preferable. Only 60km from Hoi An, a day trip there makes seeing the pass easy, enjoyable and stress-không tính phí - much better than traversing it on the way elsewhere.

As night descends upon your bus, you’ll fall asleep in the comfort of your overnight ride, ready lớn wake around - or even before - sunrise in Hanoi. As you make your way towards the centre of Vietnam’s capital, the roads will be relatively quiet & traffic-không lấy phí. But that’s not always the case here - as you’ll learn during your time in Hanoi, the city’s traffic is one of the craziest sights you’ll ever see.

Once you’ve sầu checked into your accommodation, your early arrival time gives you the full day khổng lồ explore Hanoi. With charming side streets, excellent street food and an unparalleled atmosphere, you’ll need plenty of time to lớn explore it.

How khổng lồ get from Hoi An to Hanoi

Taking a bus

Taking the bus from Hoi An to lớn Hanoi, though the only option, is a fantastic option. It’s comfortable, convenient và affordable, and it allows you to get plenty of shut-eye while you make your way towards Vietnam’s pulsating capital. Even better, it saves you the cost of one night of accommodation!

All buses from Hoi An khổng lồ Hanoi offer very comfortable bed-style seats along with AC & blankets. Some even offer WiFi, toilets & English-speaking staff.

The buses which don’t have sầu toilets will stop for nhà vệ sinh breaks along the way.

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For the specific perks offered by individual bus companies, you should check the listings for each particular journey.

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