Being present và operating officially in Vietphái nam for over trăng tròn years. The Coca-Cola brand is one of the most famous international brands in our country. With about 2500 employees, of which more than 99% are Vietnamese Coca-Cola currently has factories operating in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang và Hanoi.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Coca Cola wholesale sản phẩm lines

1. Coca Cola wholesale product lines

From its flagship sản phẩm of carbonated drinks, Coca-Cola now diversifies products with many designs, colors và flavors such as Coca Cola light, Fanta, Maaza, Limca, Sprite, Thums Up, Minute Maid , Nimbu Fresh or Nested Iced Tea. These are all Coca-Cola beverage brands in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. The company has constantly researched and developed more new products such as Joy bottled water, Samurai energy drink, Sunfill fruit powder, and added new flavors for traditional products và Vietnamese tastes like Fanta Letháng, Fanta Strawberry, Fanta Sodomain authority. 
In năm 2016, Coca Cola Vietphái nam launched Coca Cola zero sugar which competes directly with Pepsay đắm, while meeting the trend of increasing consumption of low-sugar drinks by consumers to lớn avoid obesity and road-related diseases. serious. In 2018, Coca-Cola launched Coca-Cola plus Coffee in Vietnam market, after the Australian và Japanese markets. It"s combination of Coca Cola original with cà phê to create great flavors. Energizing helps you wake up after tired working or studying hours.

1.1 What is Coca Light?

The Coca Light is a line of carbonated, non-sugar, dietary drinks, launched in 1982.Artificial sweetener: Aspartame

1.2 What is Coca Zero Sugar?

Coke sugarless is still a line of carbonated, sugar-không tính tiền drinks but launched in 2005 with new improvements.Artificial sweetener: Sucralose

1.3 Compare Coca Light & Coca Zero

CriteriaCoca LightCoca Zero
Manufactured sweetenersAspartameSugars that can cause sugar cravings, affect mood, and increase insulin levels lead lớn accumulation of belly fat, irregular sleep.

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SucraloseSweet sugar is 600 times more than normal sugar. However, sucrathua thảm is safer than other artificial sugars because the body toàn thân only absorbs 27% of the sugar, the rest is excreted.
Quantify nutrition 100ml capacityCalorie content 0, fat 0, sodium 40mg, protein 0, carbohydrate 0gCalorie nội dung 0, fat 0, sodium 40mg, protein 0, carbohydrate 0g
SmellUsers rate the Coca Light with artificial flavors unlượt thích regular sugar, sweet tasteMany people think that Coca Zero has a pleasant sweet sweetness similar khổng lồ the traditional cola

1.4 Original Coca cola

Coca cola vietnamThe taste of the original coca cola has been tried probablyIngredients: Water saturated with CO2, HFCS sugar, cane sugar, food color, acid modifier, natural cola flavor, caffeine.

1.5 What is Coca-Cola plus coffee?

Most noticeable when you drink Coca-Cola cà phê extra is the sweet taste of water. This is the result of 50% reduction in sugar consumption by manufacturers & caffeine instead. Coca - Cola used pure coffe powder khổng lồ blkết thúc with its traditional Coca - Cola recipe with a volume of 13 mg Caffeine. The taste of this drink will now be much softer than the traditional Coca - Cola. Even if you drink without ice or chilled, you will not feel as harsh or intense as before. After feeling the Coca-Cola, you will begin lớn see the taste of coffee. You can rest assured because the coffee is extremely light and feels like being dissolved in Coca-Cola so rather easy lớn drink than regular coffee.
Packaging Coca Cola cafe

2. Distribution, export & trade Coca Cola Wholesale Vietnam

Coca-Cola wholesale has two forms: plastic bottle with capathành phố of 390 ml and a can 330 ml capathành phố. Coca cola 330ml wholesale price: $0.30 ~ $0.35
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