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This way of describing consciousness is the only true monism that really equates mind with the functioning of physical matter, without recourse to nomological danglers & spiritual mumbo jumbo.
What if a series of jumbo jets crashed every year, leading lớn the equivalent number of deaths, or a catastrophe occurred regularly in industry?
The freight business had hoped to build up the service to lớn a point where investment in new jumbo ferries would be possible.
Thereafter, after a good khuyễn mãi giảm giá of mumbo jumbo and inspection, they are told that a certain device is the one that would help them.
The equivalent of four jumbo jet loads of women are dying from pregnancy-related causes in the developing world every day of every year.
A friover of mine in my constituency said recently that there was a local outcry when the jumbo jet was introduced.
Indeed, one can reCall the issue of one jumbo jet entering the trade figures, causing major political havoc during the 1970 general election.
However, he should vày both steadily và persistently, rather like bringing a jumbo jet down to lớn the runway.
With the arrival of the jumbo jet, and of supersonic flying, we urgently need an airport which can be approached from over the sea.
For example, 275,000 jumbo jet movements would undoubtedly cause more disturbance than 275,000 small, turboprop aircraft.

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