Outcompete là gì

(of a type of plant or animal) khổng lồ succeed in getting more food, space, etc. than another type of plant or animal:

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Our initial results showed that e en without a round of recombination, the meiosis-capable strains outcompete the matched meiosis-incapable ones.
However, there must be a sufficiently high màn chơi of natural cross-protection against major pathogene infection provided by infection with the minor pathogens for them to lớn outcompete the major pathogens.
Very early morning emergence is possibly related lớn the phenomenon of aggressive male competition, as it seems likely that early-emerging males would outcompete late-emerging rivals for mates.
The process of stimulated emission makes one frequency quickly outcompete other frequencies, and after that the light is very cđại bại to monochromatic.
Extensive colonization of the plant tissue by endophytes creates a barrier effect, where the local endophytes outcompete and prsự kiện pathogenic organisms from taking hold.
If the plant utilizes available energy for growing upward, it may be able khổng lồ outcompete other individuals in the near vicinity.
In some cases the new species may outcompete the present ones for nutrients leading lớn the primary species demise.
Certain antibiotics, such as ampicillin, have a higher propensity to lớn create an environment where the bacteria causing pseudomembranous colitis can outcompete the normal gut flora.
Modeled invasion scenarquả táo in semi-natural environments suggest that genetically modified salmon would outcompete wild-type saltháng.
Due to its fast growth, it can outcompete other fouling organisms & cause changes in marine ecological relationships.
The oak does not tolerate dense shade and requires fire to remove sầu taller, more robust oaks that would otherwise outcompete it.

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Sometimes these new competitors are predators & directly affect prey species, while at other times they may merely outcompete vulnerable species for limited resources.
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